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Singer, rapper, DJ, producer, and entertainer can all be used to describe DJ GinJar. A transplant of Las Vegas from Idaho, DJ GinJar weaves cuts and scratches on the turntables with his vocals to give you elements of Hip Hop normally seen from a Rapper/DJ combination. Whether he is spinning the classics or spitting them DJ GinJar has one thing on his mind and that is to leave you entertained.

DJ GinJar got his start with the HIp Hop Duo Passed Up. Writing and producing for the group showed DJ GinJar's passion for music and gave him valuble experience in the music industry. In  2010 Passed Up won the title of "Best Local Hip-Hop Group" in the Las Vegas weekly "Readers Choice" category. Also in 2010 they won "Best Rap Group" at the Black Music Awards. The duo has performed with numerous artists such as Bizzy Bone from Bone Thugs in Harmony, Nappy Boy artist Tay Dizm, Audio Push, Def Jam artist Lil Niqo, The Rangers, Nick Cannons The Wonder Broz and many more.

He also has been making his mark as a DJ. Blending Hip Hop, Trap House, and Twerk to make his sets high energy from start to finish. DJ GinJar has had feature residecies ith the Las Vegas Showgirlz Professional Football team, PYD Radio Show, Dazzle in the Attic, and the Human Experince. He has also had shows with Clark County, The City of North Las Vegas, Monster Headphones, Vlado Footwear, 815 LA Festival, and BET.

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