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Singer, rapper, DJ, producer, and entertainer can all be used to describe DJ GinJar. A transplant of Las Vegas from Idaho, DJ GinJar weaves cuts and scratches on the turntables with his vocals to give you elements of Hip Hop normally seen from a Rapper/DJ combination. Whether he is spinning the classics or spitting them DJ GinJar has one thing on his mind and that is to leave you entertained.


OK, Heartbreak Audio Streams - 193,587

OK, Heartbreak Youtube Views - 104, 244

Lifetime Audio Streams - 441,393

Lifetime Youtube Views - 224,467

As of 8-1-23

DJ GinJar sitting in chair

New Unreleased Music

Wasted YearsDJ GinJar
00:00 / 03:18
Remember MeDJ GinJar
00:00 / 03:14
Throw Me AwayDJ GinJar
00:00 / 02:40
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